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William Brinson

On Light Metering and Food Photography

A more intense lighting situation leads to a memorable photograph.†By using a Sekonic L-758DR, William is able to push shadows and highlights to their limit, create that intensity and, along with it, a lasting impression. Being able to get mid tones, highlights and shadows readings, William can adjust the lighting appropriately to make the perfect shot in camera.

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William Brinson

William is a still life and food photographer in New York City. He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

William is a foodie, always thinking about the next meal. He enjoys cooking and collecting vintage kitchenware, specifically knives. You can see Williamís portfolio at

Defining "Natural Luxury" by Controlling Light with William

What exactly is natural luxury? Taking a very simple subject and finding what's beautiful about it. Everything has a natural luxury to it and William prides himself in bringing out that feature. How does he do it? Through his lighting. By using a combination of plexi glass and white and black cards, William is able to build a certain time of day on set and emotions within his photographs no matter what he is shooting.

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