Sekonic C-7000 SPECTROMASTER Spectrometer


Key Features

Flash Measurement
User-friendly Design
Text Mode with more measurement for industrial use such as XYZ, xyz, u'v', λd, λp, Pe
Spectrum Mode/Spectrum Comparison Mode
CRI and CRI Comparison Mode
CIE1931 (CIE1964) and CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison Mode
CIE1976 and CIE1976 Comparison Mode
2°or 10°field of view
Exposure time selection in ambient light
999 memory
1nm increment spectrum output in CSV format by Utility

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Product Overview

The SPECTROMASTER C-7000 is a portable handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial use.

Utilizing Sekonic’s CMOS linear image sensor design and large touch-screen color display, the C-7000 can measure and accurately describe LED, HMI, fluorescent, as well as natural light and electronic flash.

The C-7000’s Utility software, displays memorized data in several ways and outputs spectral data in 1nm (nanometer) increments in CSV format.

The C-7000 is an important measuring tool for quality control in lamp manufacturing, medical facilities, educational / office safety and health standards, agricultural lighting / design and many more industrial uses.

International Catalog 
International Catalog Info 

JT50 (lx only)
JT52 (lx & fc)

CMOS linear image sensor
Measuring System 
Spectro Meter Incident light: Swivel head

Measuring Modes Ambient Light 

Ambient light

Measuring Modes Flash 

Cordless, Cord-in (PC)

Color Measuring Mode (Display Mode) 

Text mode, Spectrum mode, Spectrum Comparison mode, CRI mode, CRI Comparison mode, TM-30-18 mode, SSL mode, TLCI/TMLF mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison mode, CIE1976 mode, CIE1976 Comparison mode

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Incident Light 

1 to 200,000 lx *
0.1 to 18,600 fc

* Class A of JIS C 1609-1: 2006 “Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments”
* DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C

Measuring Range Flash Incident Light 

20 to 20,500lx・s
1.86 to 1,900 fc・s

Spectral Wavelength Range 
380nm to 780nm
Color Measuring Range Ambient Light 
1,563 to 100,000K
Color Measuring Range Flash Light 
2,500 to 100,000K
Color Measuring Units Color Rendering Properties 
CRI (Ra /R1 to R15), TM-30-18 (Rf, Rg), SSI(t, d, 1, 2) TLCI, TLMF
Color Measuring Units Color Parameters 
Correlated Color Temperature (Tcp), Deviation (⊿uv ), Tristimulus value (XYZ / X10Y10Z10), CIE1931/1964 (xyz / x10y10z10), CIE1976 (u’v’ / u’10v’10 ),
Color Measuring Units (Industrial) 

Dominant wavelength (Λd), Excitation purity (Pe), Peak wavelength (Λp), PPFD,

Shutter Speeds Range (Ambient Light) 
Auto - Max.: 15 sec., Min.: 0.5 sec. Manual - 0.1s, 1sec.
Shutter Speeds Range (Flash Light) 
1 to 1/500 sec. (in 1 step)
Yes (999 times)
Contrast/Comparison Function 
Custom Settings 
Yes (5 custom settings)
Measuring Data Output 
Memorized value with graphic Spectral irradiance from 380nm to 780nm in 1 and 5 nm increments

Tripod Socket 
Operating Temperature 
-10 to 40 deg. C
Storage Temperature 
-10 to 60 deg. C
Power source 
1.5V x 2 (AA battery), USB bus-power
4.3" color dot matrix touch panel LCD
LCD Backlight 
Weight (lbs.) 
Weight (KG) 
Product Length Inches 
Product Width Inches 
Product Height Inches 

Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Color Meters


Start-up Guide

Soft Case


Safety Precaution


MAC OS C-700/7000 Series Utility

CAUTION!: Do not connect C-800 meter with C-700/7000 Utility. C-800 meter can be downgraded to C-700


  1. READ ME FIRST before you begin.
  2. Please see the Software Guide for installation.

  3. Turn off firewalls and anti-virus programs during the installation process.

Version 3.00.00 for MAC Download C-700_7000 Series Utility for OSX 10.13 - 10.15 (217 MB)


WINDOWS C-700/7000 Series Utility


  1. READ ME FIRST before you begin.
  2. Please see the Software Guide for installation.

  3. Turn off firewalls and anti-virus programs during the installation process.


Version 3.00.00 for Windows Download C-700_7000 Series Utility for Windows 7 - 10 (221 MB)


SpectroMaster C-7000 SDK (Software Development Kit)


  1. Please note that any questions, improvement requests or technical inquiries regarding SDK usage are not supported.
  2. If you want to get C-7000 SDK, it is required to fill in the form and send it back to a local distributor in your country. We will contact you after receiving the form. Please download the application form below.

​Download C-7000 SDK Application Form (.xlsx)


C-700 Series Firmware Footcandle for Windows


  1. READ ME FIRST before you begin.
  2. This foot-candle upgrade only applies to the C-700 with serial numbers starting with JT10-XXXXXX. C-700s with the serial number starting from JT12-XXXXXX have the foot-candle reading built in, so you do not need to do this operation.

NOTE: Currently the foot-candle firmware update can be made only on Windows O/S. If you do not have access to a Windows computer, please contact your local Sekonic distributor to inquire regarding applying the firmware update.

C-700 Series Firmware Footcandle for Windows Download C-700 Firmware Footcandle for Windows 7 - 8 (92 KB)


Software Guides (PDF)










  1. To update the firmware of your meter, install the Utility first.
  2. Please see the software guide above in the software tab. 

  3. Press the "Update" button on the main screen of Utility, and follow the instruction.

See the Release Note here for firmware version.

Quick Start Videos