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Comparison Chart: Exposure Meters International Catalog Number JR11 (CE - European Manual) JR12 (FCC & IC - English Manual) JR1G (Chinese - Chinese Manual) US Catalog Number 401-478 (FCC & IC - English Manual)

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L-478D Special Accessory Kit - Limited Time Offer
The LITEMASTER PRO L-478D Special Kit includes the L-478D meter, 478VF 5-degree spot finder and a deluxe carrying case. It adds the precision of reflected-light spot metering plus a sturdy belt case, and we carry them at a special price.
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Sweet Production Media Reviews the L-478D
Kadshah Nagibe is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who says that the L-478D has totally transformed the way he communicates with his crew.
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VIDEO: Ryan E. Walters on set with the L-478
Ryan says, “as a cinematographer, one of my key roles is to shape and control light in service to the story I’m telling.” The L-478 helps him achieve this.
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Ryan E. Walters on Metering for Digital Filmmaking
Learn why Ryan says lighting off of the monitor, via the histogram or waveform, doesn't offer the same power, efficiencies, or knowledge as using a meter.
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VIDEO: Using the L-478 for Filmmaking
With the L-478, Stillmotion shows you how to get consistency across shoots and how to get ”absolutely perfect readings for your camera’s sensor every time.”
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Timur Civan’s L-478D for Cinematographers Review
“Gone are the days of the dot matrix LCD screen that seems like gibberish,” Timur writes, “the Litemaster Pro... has a FREAKING touch screen!”
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Calumet USA’s Holiday Gift Guide
Need gift ideas? Calumet Photo has a beautifully-designed holiday gift guide with a few of their favorite photographic products. Take a look!
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VIDEO: The L-478 Touchscreen Light Meter in Action!
Watch Mark set up and shoot lighting scenarios:1) four speedlights with modifiers, 2) continuous light and reflectors, and 3) strobes to mimic sunlight.
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5 Reasons Why Sekonic L-478 Series Light Meters Aren’t an iPhone Accessory or Light Meter App
This new touchscreen light meter may look like a phone, but here are 5 good reasons why you'll be glad it isn't simply a light meter app!
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Ryan Walters on the L-478D
Ryan Walters has a new video about the new Sekonic L-478D on his website Thec47.com. Check it out!
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Chris Gampat says Sekonic’s New Light Meters Are Sexier Than iPhone 5
Chris writes, "Now, people don’t usually get excited over light meters, but these are very Apple-esque in design and look. They include a touchscreen interface and allow you to control all the variables that standard light meters let you (aperture, ISO, shutter speed)."
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ShowCase Photo & Video reviews L-478
The review describes the new touch screen, the new T-F mode, and other features. They note, "Nearly everything is customizable, from how many metering modes you see, to the color of the screen. The new meter also incorporates profiles which allow the user to maintain specific and unique reading tweaks for a certain camera." Zac Henderson provides a video demonstrating the L-478D.
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Simon Blundell Reviews L-478DR on pictureline.com
Simon Blundell, an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer, reviews and tests the L-478DR light meter both in the studio and outside. He also discusses its cinematic metering capabilities.
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B&H InDepth Review of Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478D and L-478DR Light Meters
Bjorn Petersen describes the meters as "highly unique and innovative" with a visual interface that "lends itself to a more intuitive workflow through the ability to adapt the meter to your own workflow and needs."
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Sekonic Announces LITEMASTER PRO L-478DR and L-478D Touchscreen Light Meters
These meters are the world’s first and only dedicated color touchscreen light meters. Ideal for all types of storytellers, the L-478 series offers light measurement and control for photographers and filmmakers alike, plus additional wireless flash triggering and power control in the L-478DR model.
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