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Comparison Chart:
Exposure Meters

International Catalog Number
JE21 (CE - Designated L-308DC, European Manual)
JE2G (Designated L-308DC, Chinese Manuall)
JE2J (Korea - Designated L-308DC, English Manual)
US Catalog Number
401-310 (JE2L, US only - Designated L-308DC-U, English Manual)

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The Value of a Light Meter by Den Lennie
Den Lennie uses the Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate in order to demonstrate how easy it is to understand lighting ratios when you have the right tools.
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TogTech Examines the L-308DC DigiCineMate
Val Galin at TogTech recommends the Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate for both still photographers and videographers who want accurate and consistent technical lighting. A light meter is especially critical for videographers who want to ensure scene-to-scene continuity. The L-308DC was specifically designed with them in mind.
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VIDEO: The C47′s Jem Schofield on the L-308DC
The irrepressible Jem Schofield of theC47.com fame was at NAB, and loitering around the MAC Group area. While spending time with Phil Bradon at the Sekonic booth, Jem shot this video in which he details some of his experience with the Sekonic L-308DC meter. Jem states, “this is the meter I use all of the time.” Citing the fact it works with both shutter speeds and shutter angles, he explains how essential it is to good DSLR filmmaking.
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L-308DC DigiCineMate: Now With Cool Orange Skin That Also Protects!
Now available at time of purchase, the colorful, sure-grip orange skin makes it easy to find in any gadget bag, comfortable to operate, and safer when placed on surfaces.
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VIDEO: Why You Need a Light Meter for Cine/Video and HDSLRs
Here’s a great video about the importance of shooting video with light meter. Not the meter built into your HDSLR, but a dedicated light meter.
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Sekonic L-308DC Wins Hot One Award 2012
Professional Photographer Magazine has awarded the Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate its "Hot One Award for 2012" as best light meter. The judges for the award include Kevin Ames, Mary Lynne Ashley, Shawn Barnett, Jen Basford, Farrah Braniff, Diego Cappella, Sal Cincotta, Taylor Cincotta, Jeff Dachowski, Tricia Davidge, Jim DiVitale, Dina Douglass, Roch Eshleman, Mark Garber, Jen Henningsen, Trevor Johnstone, Mark Levesque, Jeff Rodgers, Dane Sanders, David Schwartz, Stan Sholik, Liliana Wright, and Pete Wright.
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Mike Pecci’s Grindhouse Schooling
For metering, Boston photographer and filmmaker Mike Pecci is currently using a Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate. “I use it and I try to get people I work with to use meters all the time,” he says. “Half the time the video monitors are wrong. Just because you can preview stuff right away doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s faster.” Always relying on his meter when shooting stills, he also uses it in filming when a scene is being rigged. “You walk around to see where everything is falling,” he says. “We use it a lot for calculations on slow motion shots and that kind of stuff.”
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HDSLR Filmmaking: Reshoots? No problem!
Learn the difference between the Sekonic L-308DC and the L-758Cine meters: find out what their roles are in the art of HDSLR filmmaking. Many new filmmakers are lighting by eye. If they need to do reshoots, their lighting will inevitably be different. By using the L-308DC, they will be able to record their settings and reshoots become no problem, avoiding serious continuity issues.
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Sekonic Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Sekonic celebrated its 60th anniversary on June 16, 2011. Take a look back in time with us, including when NASA chose the L-518 Digipro X-1 for the Space Shuttle missions.
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The Common Language of Light - Spoken on Any Film Set
Vincent Laforet is a director and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who is known for his forward-thinking approach to image-making and storytelling. In this short video, Laforet points out the common language of light spoken on any film set, and how accurate metering by multiple crew members makes productions run smoothly. This is an informative piece whether you’re shooting your first HDSLR short or a full-length motion picture.
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Tell Us Your Story
If you have a great story about how you use your Sekonic meter and want to share with us, we’re all ears! And if it smacks of good light, we’ll make a blog story about you.
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Sekonic L-308DC Quick Start Video: Getting Started

Get flash to see this player
Get flash to see this player
Sekonic L-308DC Quick Start Video: Getting Started
Sekonic L-308DC Quick Start Video: Custom Settings
Sekonic L-308DC Quick Start Video: HD Cine Mode
Sekonic L-308DC Quick Start Video: Cine Mode
Sekonic’s 308DC Light Meter with AF100
L-308DC: Compact Light Meter Made for Videographers

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