Using and Mastering Fill-Flash

Interactive Photography Tutorial

Understanding Fill-flash

Learn how to understand and master fill-flash!
Our interactive demonstration will "show you the light."
Choose a percentage of fill-flash and see the results!
Above photographs demonstrate the percentage of flash vs. ambient.
Measuring Fill-flash

Measuring Fill-flash

Using a Sekonic light meter when working with fill-flash makes it simple to measure the amount of flash vs. ambient light in your scene. Choose a flash percentage at the left. Watch the meter screen above to see what the meter showed to get the photographic result!

Applying what you learned

Choosing the amount of flash vs. ambient in a mixed-lighting scenario is part science, part art. The science is simple when you are using a Sekonic light meter.
  1. Measure your flash + ambient exposure
  2. Adjust the flash power output until you have a desired percentage of flash
    You can do this by: a. increasing or decreasing the flash power output b. moving your flash closer or further away
    (which also affects the quality/nature of the light)
  3. Set your camera to the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings on the meter's screen.
  4. Shoot!
The art of fill-flash is testing and choosing the blend of flash + ambient that matches your taste, or perhaps the taste of your clients. The good news is that once you have made this decision, repeating that mix of flash vs. ambient is simple when you can measure it with your Sekonic meter.

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More examples

Bellow are more examples of mixed flash/ambient
exposures and their flash percentages:
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