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Comparison Chart:
Exposure Meters

International Catalog Number
JH11 (CE - Designated L-758DR, European Manual)
JH12 (Canada - Designated L-758DR, English Manual)
JH1G (China and Taiwan - Designated L-758DR, Chinese Manual)
US Catalog Number
401-758 (JH1L FCC, designated L-758DR-U, English Manual)

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L-758DR DigitalMaster

*Discontinued in January 2017*

What moves the L-758DR DigitalMaster to the head of the class? It's the only meter that can be calibrated to read light the way your particular camera system reads light. Every camera system is unique. Optical, mechanical and imaging components all act on each other to produce slight differences in exposure and the dynamic range of the camera system. Sekonic helps you discover the differences in your camera system and use this information to control light, make better exposures and take better pictures than ever before. By running an easy calibration test using Sekonic's L-758DR, one of Sekonic's Exposure Profile Targets (purchased separately) and the available DTS V3.0 Software (Mac & Windows), you can accurately profile the characteristics of your camera's imaging system to determine its true native ISO, dynamic range and clipping points. After processing the test data and determining exposure parameters, the resulting data is uploaded from your computer via the USB cable to the meter, where it is stored as camera profiles. Profiling data from up to three cameras can be stored in your meter for instant recall.

Knowing the dynamic range of your digital camera can help you get the best exposures possible. Using the Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter and Sekonic Exposure Target plus Free Data Transfer Software, you can profile your digital camera and lens combinations. The result is total exposure accuracy.

Visit our Data Transfer Software page for downloads, information, and compatibility questions.



I've long felt that I was not getting the best out of my digital camera by using it's TTL metering system. Having been brought up on film, a light met... More
I've long felt that I was not getting the best out of my digital camera by using it's TTL metering system. Having been brought up on film, a light meter was a tool I constantly used and for several years I considered buying one for use with my Nikon cameras. I finally took the plunge in June this year and bought a 758DR. Learning how to calibrate and use this meter, thanks to Joe Brady's great videos, has changed my images and how I shoot dramatically. I'm now getting the full tonality I was after and it's exciting to see images come alive with very small adjustments in Lightroom. Thanks Sekonic and thank you Joe, it's great to see you pass on your skills and knowledge of the Sekonic family of light meters and how to use them. Close
Thanks. I passed your comment to Joe.
Thanks. I passed your comment to Joe. Close
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L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 1

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Get flash to see this player
L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 1
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