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Spot metering

A reflected measurement of a specific area, also known as a selective, or spot measurement, is ideal for special situations including measuring distant subjects, back lit subjects, extreme brightness ranges, highly reflective surfaces, or when an incident meter cannot be positioned directly in front of the subject.  Reflected spot measurements of a gray mid-tone, or an average of significant shadow and highlight measurements, allow the photographer to make an exposure that will record detail, tonality and accurate color.

For example, spot metering would be useful to measure the face of a person that is being back lit.  In landscape photography, you could measure the white snowcap on a mountain and compare it to the measurements taken from darker rocks or shady areas in the scene.

The Sekonic L-558 allows the photographer to be extremely selective when taking spot measurements since the measuring angle is only 1 degree.  The measuring angle of in-camera spot meters will vary with the lens in use, and will rarely equal 1 degree unless an extreme telephoto lens is used.

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