Sekonic L-758CINE DIGITALMASTER Light Meter


Key Features

Extensive Range of Cine & Video Settings

Exposure profiling to show your camera's dynamic range and exposure compensation with Data Transfer Software
Full information in 1 degree Spot Viewfinder
Up to nine measured values can be memorized in both Incident and Reflected modes Independently or Combined
Radio Flash Triggering with Optional radio transmitter RT-32CTL compatible with PocketWizard
Flash Analyzing Function
Contrast Function
Dual ISO setting
All weather design

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Product Overview

The Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster is the ultimate light-measuring tool for cinematographers and videographers as well as digital still shooters. Offering the most extensive range of fps (frames-per-second), cine shutter speeds, and shutter angle settings, it meets and exceeds the demands of Professional Cinematographers and Professional Still Photographers.

The key to precise lighting and great exposures is understanding the dynamic range of your camera and calibrating your meter to work with it. Long a time-consuming necessity, Sekonic has automated the process to one that takes just minutes. Sekonic's DTS Version 3.0 enables measuring the dynamic range of your HDSLR or Digital Video Camera and calibrating a Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster meter to that specific data. Precise metering has moved to a new level of excellence.

The automated process requires recording images of one of Sekonic's Exposure Profile Targets or one of X-Rite's ColorChecker series targets, available as a separate purchase. Once recorded, the processed TIFF or JPEG image files are imported into Sekonic's DTS software for processing and mapping. Measured data from industry-standard targets can also be entered manually.

After processing, a USB cable is used to transfer the data to one of the Sekonic L-758 meters. Up to 3 camera profiles can be stored in the meter. Any number of profiles can be stored with the software.

Once loaded, the Sekonic L-758Cine makes incident and reflected-light, spot readings that are precisely tuned to the dynamic range of the profiled camera.

International Catalog 
International Catalog Info 

JH21 (CE - Designated L-758CINE, European Manual)
JH22 (Canada - Designated L-758CINE, English Manual)
JH2G (China and Taiwan - Designated L-758CINE, Chinese Manual)

Measuring System 
Exposure Meter Incident light: Swivel head, retractable lumisphere, Reflected light: Switching, 1 deg. spot

Measuring Modes Ambient Light 

T priority, F priority, f/s priority, Lux/FC, Cd/m2/FL

Measuring Modes Flash 

Cordless, Cord-in (PC), Radio triggering (Optional, PocketWizard), Multiple cumulative flash

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Incident Light 

-2 to 22.9 EV
0.63 to 1,090,000 lx
0.10 to 180,000 fc

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Reflected Light 

1 to 24.4EV
0.25 to 190,000 cd/m2
0.10 to 190,000 fl

Measuring Range Flash Incident Light 

F0.5 to F161.2(=128.9)

Measuring Range Flash Reflected Light 

F2.0 to F161.2(=128.9)

ISO Range 
ISO 3 to ISO 8000
Aperture Range (Ambient Light) 
F0.5 to 161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step (Analog Scale: F0.5 to F64 in 1/3 step)
Aperture Range (Flash Light) 
F0.5 to 161.2(=128.9) in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
Shutter Speeds Range (Ambient Light) 
30m to 1/8,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
Shutter Speeds Range (Flash Light) 
30m to 1/1,000s in 1, 1/2, 1/3 step
Frame Rate Range (Ambient Light) 
1 to 1,000 f/s
Shutter Angles Range (Ambient Light) 
1 to 270 deg.
EV Range (Ambient Light) 
-9.9 to 46.6
Exposure Profile 
Yes (9 times) both incident and reflected light
Contrast/Comparison Function 
Radio System 
Optional Transmitters with RT-32CTL - PocketWizard
Flash vs Ambient Analyzing 
Yes (in 10% step)
Filter Compensation 
Yes(-5.0 to 5.0EV) plus filter factor numbers (85, n3, n6, n9, A3, A6, A9)
Exposure Compensation 
Yes (-9.9 to +9.9)
Calibration Compensation 
Yes (-1.0 to +1.0)
Custom Settings 
Yes (17 custom settings)

Water Resistance 
Diopter Adjustment 
Yes (-1 to 2.5 D)
Tripod Socket 
Operating Temperature 
-10 to 50 deg. C
Storage Temperature 
-20 to 60 deg. C
Power source 
3.0V x 1(CR123A battery)
2.7" color dot matrix touch panel LCD
LCD Backlight 
Weight (lbs.) 
Weight (KG) 
Product Depth Inches 
Product Width Inches 
Product Height Inches 
Product Depth Centimeters 
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Product Metric Weight Grams