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International Catalog Number
JH31 (CE - Designated L-758D, European Manual)
JH3G (China and Taiwan - Designated L-758D, Chinese Manual)
JH3J (Korea - Designated L-758D, English Manual)
US Catalog Number
Not available in US

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Nick Fleming’s Three Different Light Situations
Photographer Nick Fleming recently documented Kumbh Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrimage. He took the time to choose three different lighting situations he encountered on this trip to India, and explained how he adjusted his approach and got the shot he wanted. Here is his story in his own words.
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Dave Butcher’s 30 Year Photo Odyssey
Dave Butcher on how to get the right exposure when shooting sunlit snow with shadow areas, with examples from his work at McClure Pass, Colorado.
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Frank Doorhof: Why I Use a Light Meter (and You Should, Too)
"As far back as I can remember, I have always associated photography with metering light. We, as photographers, are painting with light." ~ Frank Doorhof
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Thomas Shue’s Light Meter Tutorials
Thomas Shue likes to “make tutorials to teach people how to do things with gear they never know could happen.” Check out his lessons on light meters!
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The Portraiture of Peter Williams
In his own words, Peter Williams explains his approach to portraiture and how he works with light. See samples of his portraits here as well.
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Visible Range Blog: Sekonic L-758 with RT-32CTL, PocketWizards & Nikon Speedlights
Here’s some exciting news for Sekonic light meter owners who also shoot Nikon cameras with PocketWizard triggers. If you’re interested in metering to get the most accurate exposures possible with your off-camera flash, you won’t want to miss this! Dinil Abeygunawardane at Visible Range Blog has posted a most impressive article detailing how he configured his system.
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Mark Wallace on how to use Sekonic RT-32CTL transmitter with PocketWizard
Hosted by Mark Wallace, this live Webinar explores using Sekonic’s new RT-32CTL transmitter with the PocketWizard ControlTL System.
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Sekonic Announces Upgrade to its Data Transfer Software
Free downloadable upgrade to Sekonic Data Transfer Software (DTS) allowing for automated DSLR and Digital Video Camera meter calibration.
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Sean Armenta: Five Photography Tips for Better Studio Lighting
Sean Armenta is a Los Angeles photographer who creates portraiture of the highest quality. His beauty and lifestyle work also shows serious talent and vision. Whether he is shooting for a magazine or teaching photographers how to create a one light beauty setup, Armenta is dedicated to producing professional results. Armenta recently took time to write out a contribution to our Five Photography Tips series. He shares tips for better studio lighting.
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Sekonic Announces New Radio Transmitter Compatible with PocketWizard® ControlTL®
The new Sekonic RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter module will be available worldwide in April 2012. The new Transmitter module provides compatibility with the PocketWizard® ControlTL® channels in addition to the original Standard channels. The RT-32CTL is offered as an optional plug-in accessory for the Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster, L-758D and L-758CINE, and built-in to the L-758DR DigitalMaster light meter. The RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter enables photographers for the first time, to trigger and measure flash output with the PocketWizard® FlexTT5 (Canon or Nikon) ControlTL® system in manual Power Control mode, as well as the PocketWizard® ST-4 and MC2 ControlTL® receivers. In addition, the new RT-32CTL fully supports the PocketWizard® PLUS series and MultiMAX receivers.
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Sekonic Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Sekonic celebrated its 60th anniversary on June 16, 2011. Take a look back in time with us, including when NASA chose the L-518 Digipro X-1 for the Space Shuttle missions.
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Sekonic Announces L-758 Light Meter Upgrades to its Data Transfer Software and USB Driver for Mac
Free downloadable upgrade to the L-758 Light Meter application software (“Sekonic Data Transfer Software” for Macintosh) and the USB driver for the latest versions of the Macintosh operating system: OS 10.7 (Lion) and OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
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Tell Us Your Story
If you have a great story about how you use your Sekonic meter and want to share with us, we’re all ears! And if it smacks of good light, we’ll make a blog story about you.
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Just picked up my new Sekonic L 758DR-U meter . True to It's name Sekonic again hit it out of the park!! Fantastic performance,well Designed and jus... More
Just picked up my new Sekonic L 758DR-U meter . True to It's name Sekonic again hit it out of the park!! Fantastic performance,well Designed and just what I need for my professional work.Thanks for another great Meter! Close
nice Close
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Allison Earnest shares tips on how to master light

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Get flash to see this player
Allison Earnest shares tips on how to master light
Bobbi Lane: Sunset Rooftop Photo Shoot

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