Get unplugged... with PocketWizard Wireless Freedom
This new and exciting technology offers the advantages of digital radio communication between exposure meters, cameras, flash units, and PocketWizards. We call it PocketWizard Wireless Freedom.

What is PocketWizard Wireless Freedom?
And why is it important to you?

It’s a new way of working that lets all of your photographic equipment communicate together, wirelessly, so photographers can work smarter, not harder.

  • Imagine a studio or on-location shoot where unreliable PC cords are a thing of the past.

  • Imagine a light meter that wirelessly triggers all or only selected electronic flash units and measures the light simultaneously, and can even trigger a camera.

  • Imagine triggering cameras, flash units, or both simultaneously from behind a camera or from a remote location.

  • Imagine all of this equipment protected from high sync voltage.

  • Now imagine all of this wireless technology built into your photo equipment, ready for you to control remotely.

That’s the essence of PocketWizard Wireless Freedom

PocketWizard Digital Radio Triggering Systems trigger flash and/or cameras reliably every time where nothing else will. They have been designed to exceed the expectations of demanding photographers and handle the most challenging shooting scenarios. Utilizing patented microprocessor-controlled software and cutting-edge digital wireless technology, PocketWizards provide the greatest operating range, reliable triggering, and sophisticated advanced features.

Why go wireless?

  • Eliminate unreliable sync cords.

  • Position lighting where you want it, not just where the sync cord reaches.

  • Trigger your camera without the limitations of shutter-release cables.

  • Trigger multiple cameras simultaneously.

  • Protect your film or digital camera from damaging high sync voltage.

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