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The Sekonic Challenge:

Mastering Off-Camera Lighting

Cover up your camera’s LCD panel for 30 days.
We dare you!

Light like a Pro and never look back.

Professional photographers don’t guess when it comes to lighting. They make it happen, deliberately. When it comes to creating balanced light that really tells the story, there’s a world of difference between viewing your camera’s LCD and measuring light to fit with a handlheld meter. And for that matter, if you believe that the histogram “tells the whole story,” you are missing out on the image-quality that your camera can really deliver.

We know because we always used a light meter to adjust our lights and set the exposure.

But perhaps you have never used a meter and may not have experienced the confidence and exhilaration of being the master of your photographic realm. You could also say it’s making light work for you.

You may ask at this point, “Sekonic, how can I learn more about this?”
Well, this is your invitation to Take the Sekonic Challenge!

Cover that LCD up!

Use Gaffer Tape | Turn it off! (use the menu settings)

Meter your off-camera lights,
adjust and apply exposure knowledge.

What if you do not have an exposure meter?

Buy an exposure meter | Rent an exposure meter | Borrow an exposure meter (call a friend!)

Here is a great meter to use (wink!)
Sekonic L-478DR or L-478D Litemaster Pro

Enjoy learning to be a Master of Light.

How to Become a Master of Light

We’ve put together a pro-level group suite of education that will help you understand,
control and succeed with off-camera lighting.

What is a Histogram? Learn more about how to use an exposure meter here Sign up for tips and tricks in your email Attend a webinar Watch a webinar archive Read tons of articles about using an exposure meter to control lights by professional photographers.

Tell your friends.
Become famous and successful.

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