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Comparison Chart:
Exposure Meters

International Catalog Number
JH11 (CE - Designated L-758DR, European Manual)
JH12 (Canada - Designated L-758DR, English Manual)
JH1G (China and Taiwan - Designated L-758DR, Chinese Manual)
US Catalog Number
401-758 (JH1L FCC, designated L-758DR-U, English Manual)

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William Brinson’s Natural Luxury Video
The old cliché for writers is "write what you know." If that translates to the world of photography, there may be no better example than William Brinson (previously profiled on our blog back in 2011), who is as great a chef as he is food photographer. Today, we are proud to present two new videos about the artist and his process.
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Professional Photographer Magazine review of the L-758DR
Stan Sholik reviews the Sekonic L-758DR and DTS 3.0. He writes, "Can a light meter make you a better photographer? If your meter is a Sekonic L-758DR and you use the free Digital Transfer Software (DTS) V3.0 calibration program, the answer is yes." Stan explains how to hit optimum exposure every time. Click the link to download the review in PDF format directly from their website.
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Behind the Lens with Street Photographer Gianmaria Veronese
Milanese photographer Gianmaria Veronese is not a pro, not that you’d know that by looking at his work, which is composed of carefully observed moments and rich, evocative tones.
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Trusting Your Craft with Jamie Maldonado
Jamie finds that shooting with a meter gives him an edge when working digitally on a multi-layered bridal fashion shoot.
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Measuring Light for Pinhole Photography
Award winning photographer Bob St. Cyr shares his thoughts on metering for pinhole cameras, a tricky medium under the best of circumstances.
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Jorge Queiroz: Graphic Design Meets Photography
Graphic designers often make great photographers. Jorge Queiroz is no exception. See how he uses light in his images to make people ask "CGI or camera?"
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Allison Earnest on Lighting for Product Photography
Without being able to hold products purchased online, the importance of excellent product photography was more evident than ever.
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Anne Stephenson’s Comfort in a Bowl
Working with food prepared by Kathleen Korst, here’s how, in her own words, Anne created “Comfort in a Bowl."
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The Difference Between the L-358 and L-758DR
Mark Wallace of AdoramaTV reviews the Sekonic L-358 and L-758DR light meters, revealing why he depends on them for all of his shoots, both inside and outside of the studio.
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4 Lights, 4 Colored Gels, 1 Sparkler, and 1 Light Meter
Aaron Nace of Phlearn presents a great behind the scenes video of his complicated shoot, Light My Fire. See how he makes everything come together!
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Reasons to Use a Light Meter for Video
Shutter Angle explains why for years "light meters have been indispensable to the cinematographer due to film’s lack of immediate feedback."
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Frank Doorhof: Why I Use a Light Meter (and You Should, Too)
"As far back as I can remember, I have always associated photography with metering light. We, as photographers, are painting with light." ~ Frank Doorhof
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Glyn Dewis Joins the Light (Meter) Side
Glyn Dewis on how light meters save time by making it easier to set up lights and get backgrounds and subject perfectly exposed from the very first shot.
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Visible Range Blog: Sekonic L-758 with RT-32CTL, PocketWizards & Nikon Speedlights
If you're interested in metering to get the most accurate exposures possible with your off-camera flash, read this Visible Range blog post! It provides tremendous detail and features screenshots to guide you through Dinil Abeygunawardane’s configuring of his system.
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Mark Wallace on how to use Sekonic RT-32CTL transmitter with PocketWizard
Hosted by Mark Wallace, this live Webinar explores using Sekonic’s new RT-32CTL transmitter with the PocketWizard ControlTL System.
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Laurence Kim’s Reasons to Use a Hand-Held Light Meter
Portrait and wedding photographer Laurence Kim has started using a light meter again. Yes, he’s even using it for digital photography! He’s written a post about why you should too.
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Sekonic Announces Upgrade to its Data Transfer Software
Free downloadable upgrade to Sekonic Data Transfer Software (DTS) allowing for automated DSLR and Digital Video Camera meter calibration.
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Sekonic Announces New Radio Transmitter Compatible with PocketWizard® ControlTL®
The new Sekonic RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter module will be available worldwide in April 2012. The new Transmitter module provides compatibility with the PocketWizard® ControlTL® channels in addition to the original Standard channels. The RT-32CTL is offered as an optional plug-in accessory for the Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster, L-758D and L-758CINE, and built-in to the L-758DR DigitalMaster light meter. The RT-32CTL Radio Transmitter enables photographers for the first time, to trigger and measure flash output with the PocketWizard® FlexTT5 (Canon or Nikon) ControlTL® system in manual Power Control mode, as well as the PocketWizard® ST-4 and MC2 ControlTL® receivers. In addition, the new RT-32CTL fully supports the PocketWizard® PLUS series and MultiMAX receivers.
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Sekonic Announces L-758 Light Meter Upgrades to its Data Transfer Software and USB Driver for Mac
Free downloadable upgrade to the L-758 Light Meter application software (“Sekonic Data Transfer Software” for Macintosh) and the USB driver for the latest versions of the Macintosh operating system: OS 10.7 (Lion) and OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
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Sekonic L-758DR -- Editor's Choice 2007, Lighting
By Peter Kolonia: "Ambitious film photographers have long had Ansel Adams' analytical Zone System to help them produce rich, full-toned images. Now like-minded digital shooters have a similar tool: The Sekonic L-758DR metering system. We stress "system," because unlike past Sekonics the L-758 is more than a self-contained, hand-held flash and ambient light meter."
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Having trouble with blown highlights? Here's help!
How do fine-art and pro shooters get beautiful, full-tone images with satisfying highlight and shadow detail? Peter Kolonia shares his experience with us.
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Allan Weitz on the Sekonic L-758DR - The Next Step in Light Meters: Profile the Sensor in Your Camera
"Just as you profile your computer monitor, your scanner, and your printer to a common standard, it makes equal sense to profile the sensor in your camera if you're serious about exposure accuracy....Once you know where you stand, anything is possible." ~ Allan Weitz, PictureMagazine.com
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Stephen J. Herzberg on the Sekonic L-758DR -- The Best of Imaging USA 2007
"The 'Star of the Show': The Sekonic L758DR Light Meter. The 'Star of the Show' a light meter? A light meter? Yes, a light meter. A light meter is a light meter is a light meter – except when it isn’t. Light is a constant. It hasn’t changed. Light is light. So why all this fuss over a light meter? Because, this is a light meter designed for the digital photographer – a light meter that gives you the power to mate your camera and meter so that they see the same light and speak the same language." ~ Stephen J. Herzberg
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Tell Us Your Story
If you have a great story about how you use your Sekonic meter and want to share with us, we’re all ears! And if it smacks of good light, we’ll make a blog story about you.
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I've long felt that I was not getting the best out of my digital camera by using it's TTL metering system. Having been brought up on film, a light met... More
I've long felt that I was not getting the best out of my digital camera by using it's TTL metering system. Having been brought up on film, a light meter was a tool I constantly used and for several years I considered buying one for use with my Nikon cameras. I finally took the plunge in June this year and bought a 758DR. Learning how to calibrate and use this meter, thanks to Joe Brady's great videos, has changed my images and how I shoot dramatically. I'm now getting the full tonality I was after and it's exciting to see images come alive with very small adjustments in Lightroom. Thanks Sekonic and thank you Joe, it's great to see you pass on your skills and knowledge of the Sekonic family of light meters and how to use them. Close
Thanks. I passed your comment to Joe.
Thanks. I passed your comment to Joe. Close
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L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 1

Get flash to see this player
Get flash to see this player
L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 1
Profiling the Sekonic L-758DR with the Exposure Profile Target II and DTS
Sekonic DTS Software: Profile Your Digital Camera (DSLR) or Film Camera. Why is dynamic range so important?
L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 2
L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 3
L-758DR Quick Start Guide: Part 4
Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter: Calibrate/Profile Your Camera
Sekonic ProSpeak: Allison Earnest

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