IMPORTANT: Repaired equipment is subject to a 90 day limited warranty, covering only re-repair if necessary and not consequential damages. See general statement regarding limited warranty.

IMPORTANT:All data which are stored in the meter will be erased if the circuit board in the meter is changed for repair, or the factory reset is performed during inspection. Sekonic assumes no responsibility for the data. Accordingly, please back up the data definitely by yourself before sending the meter to service center in any case, either repair, adjustment or calibration. The memorized data in spectrometers (C-800/C-700R/C-700/C-7000) can be backed up via Utility software on computer. Exposure profile in light meters (L-858D/L-758 series/L-478 Series) can be backed up via Data Transfer Software on computer.

Service Information

Limited Warranty
Products imported by us are sold under our 1 Year Limited Warranty as included with each product.

Warranty Repairs
Warranty repair shipments must include proof of purchase (copy of the original bill-of-sale). Such repairs will be returned prepaid and insured.

Where To Send Repairs
Sekonic products purchased from or distributed by Foto Koeberl GmbH sagafoto may be sent through your local dealer or directly to our national service headquarters or other authorized service center. Ship prepaid and insured to:

Foto Koeberl GmbH sagafoto
Muenzgrabenstrasse 53, 8010 Graz
Phone: +43-650-888-5-888

Please include a letter with a thorough explanation of the problem or service to be performed. List each item, with serial numbers included in this shipment.

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