Sekonic’s 60th Anniversary Contest Win a Limited Color Edition of the L-308S

Write a Story About
When you Fell in Love with Light.

Submit by July 31st. 3 Winners!

Light and shadow. They are the very essence of photography. Notice the play of light on a simple leaf. It produces vibrant color in a spot, rich texture along the surface and infinite hues of green as the leaf slips into deep shadow. Can you see it? Light alters perception. It makes the simple look important and the common seem mysterious. Can you feel it? Do you change position to make a photograph that gathers in all that the light has to say? Yes? Then you are in love with light.

Sekonic would love to know when you experienced that transitional moment and fell in love with light. Tell us your story! If you have a photograph to go along with it, all the better. The three most inspiring stories will be awarded a Sekonic Limited Edition L-308S.photograph to go along with it, all the better (and chances are you do!). To become a part of future explorations and put you in control of the light you love, Sekonic is offering a Limited Edition Sekonic L-308S as a prize for the three most inspiring stories.

How to enter:

Write a story between 100 and 500 words telling us about the moment you fell in love with light. You can submit one of your photographs to illustrate your story but keep in mind this is a writing contest. Judging will not be on the quality of the photograph.

Submissions will be accepted between July 1-July 31, 2011. Contest winners will be announced August 10, 2011. This is an international contest, however submissions must be written in English.

Please send to:


Our team of writers and photographers will judge entries based on quality of writing, fluidity, voice and emotion. Please mention your usage of light and keep in mind your story should be inspiring to others.


A Limited Edition Sekonic L-308S will be awarded for each of the top 3 stories. Winning stories will be featured on the Sekonic blog. Non-winning stories may also appear.

LEGALESE All information supplied during registration and image submission is subject to verification.
By submitting a story and photograph to this contest, you represent that you are the writer and photographer/copyright holder, and that you give Sekonic permission to publish them. You thereby assume full responsibility for content and usage, and release Sekonic, its employees and agents harmless from liability.

We reserve the right to publish your submission. Image rights remain the property of the photographer. No cash in lieu of prizes. All decisions are final. Any local taxes are the responsibility of the winners.

No purchase necessary to enter contest.