Mastering light doesn't take a master's degree!

Here you can learn how to use a light meter, what the difference is between incident and reflected light, how to light a white background and much, much more. We are dedicated to helping you learn how to control light. We've asked leading photographers to contribute their knowledge so that you can learn from the best. 

What Pros Are Saying

“Each architectural project, each interior project presents new challenges and new lighting situations, new problem solving for me and my staff.”

ROBERT RECK / Photographer


“Using a properly calibrated meter provides repeatability. It also helps in my communication with other crew members.”

RYAN WALTERS / Cinematographer


“What I'm particularly interested in with regard to incident light meter technique is that it eliminates the variable of what color the subject is wearing.”

STEVE SINT / Photographer


“If I go in with a very accurate and well-calibrated meter and take a specific reading and shoot at that specific f-stop, when I get back to the studio all the tones on either side are exactly where I want them.”

KIRK TUCK / Photographer


William Brinson on Light Metering and Food Photography

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William Brinson on Light Metering and Food Photography
Defining "Natural Luxury" by Controlling Light with William Brinson
Octavian Cantilli Shoots FlowRider Surfing
Sekonic DTS Software: Profile Your Digital Camera (DSLR) or Film Camera
Why You Need a Light Meter for Photography
Profiling the Sekonic L-758DR with the Exposure Profile Target II and DTS
Location Environmental Portrait Photography
Mark Wallace On Set and Location with the Touchscreen L-478 Series Light Meters

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Incident vs. In-Camera Metering

Incident vs. In-Camera Metering
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Lighting Ratios

Lighting Ratios
Don Marr explains the fundamentals that any working photographer needs to know: metering for two or more lights, using fill and back lighting, and how to light broccoli. Read the excerpt from his Amherst Media book. Read more »

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